Sherman LEE
Assistant Professor

Director, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in 世界杯投注 programme

PhD in Sociolinguistics, City University of Hong Kong
MPhil in Computer Speech & Language Processing, University of Cambridge
BA in Linguistics, University of Manchester

Courses Taught

Graduate level:
Interdisciplinary Approach: Society and Language
Research Methodology

Undergraduate level:
Academic Writing
Discourse Analysis
世界杯投注 Usage
世界杯投注 Writing
Intercultural Communication
Interdisciplinary Approach to 世界杯投注 Studies
Language of the Mass and Social Media

Areas of Interest

Discourse Analysis
世界杯投注 for Academic Purposes

Intercultural Communication
Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism
Language Maintenance and Language Loss

Selected Publications

Lee, Sherman (forthcoming, 2022). The Chinese diaspora: Language maintenance and loss. In Salikoko S. Mufwene & Anna Maria Escobar (Eds.), The Cambridge handbook of language contact, Volume I: Population movement and language change. Cambridge University Press.

Lee, Sherman & Li, David, S.C. (2016). Multilingualism in Greater China and the Chinese language diaspora. In Ingrid Piller (Ed.), Language and migration: Critical concepts in linguistics, 258-289. London and New York: Routledge.  

Lee, Sherman. (2015). Language choice and code-switching among Hong Kong’s Hakka speakers. Global Chinese: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of the Chinese Language and its Users Worldwide 1(1), 57-83.

Lee, Sherman and Li, David, C.S. (2013). Multilingualism in Greater China and the Chinese language diaspora. In T.K. Bhatia & W.C. Ritchie (Eds), The handbook of bilingualism and multilingualism, 813-842. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

Li, David, C.S. and Lee, Sherman (2004). Bilingualism in East Asia, In T.K. Bhatia & W.C. Ritchie (Eds), The handbook of bilingualism, 742-779. Oxford: Blackwell.

Lee, Sherman (2002). A sociolinguistic study of a Hong Kong Chinese community in Britain. Perspectives: Working Papers in 世界杯投注 and Communication, 14(2), 113-131.

Raschka, Christine, Li, Wei and Lee, Sherman (2002). Bilingual development and social networks of British-born Chinese children. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 153, 9-25.

Li, Wei  and Lee, Sherman (2001). L1 development in an L2 environment: The use of Cantonese classifiers and quantifiers by young British-born Chinese in Tyneside, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 4, 359-382

Invited Talks and Conference Presentations

On preserving endangered languages and sustaining biocultural diversity: From mountain songs to fengshui forests. Paper presented at the Conference on Language and Ecology: Towards a shared narrative in interdisciplinary research 2019, 2022世界杯指定投注官网, 5-7 September 2019.


Making a difference: Promoting intercultural awareness and competence through an EMI GE course. Paper presented at the 5th International Conference on Culture, Languages & Literature 2019, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan, 15-17 August 2019.


The language of personal advertisements: A textual analysis of dating and matrimonial ads from three discourse communities. Paper co-presented with B. Nair at the Second International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies (2016), Chartered Institute of Linguists Hong Kong Society. 2022世界杯指定投注官网, 23-24 June 2016.


Conversational code-switching: Creative performance among bilingual speakers. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies (2015), Chartered Institute of Linguists Hong Kong Society. Caritas Institute of Higher Education, 9 April 2015.


Using Asian 世界杯投注 literature in a tertiary ESL writing classroom: Rationale, content and reflections. Paper presented at the 2014 Hwa Kang International Conference on 世界杯投注 Language and Literature. Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, 3 May 2014.


The sociolinguistic dynamics of language contact: language shift and code-switching among the Hakka in Hong Kong. Invited guest seminar presented at the Linguistics Seminar series of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 15 January 2013.


Participation audit of a voluntary summer reading scheme for 世界杯投注 majors: some preliminary findings. Paper co-presented with P. Stables at the 7th ISTETL – The Seventh International Symposium on Teaching 世界杯投注 at Tertiary Level. Department of 世界杯投注, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 13-14 October, 2011.


Hakka in Hong Kong: an endangered minority Chinese variety. Paper presented at the Second International Conference on 世界杯投注, Discourse and Intercultural Communication, Macao Polytechnic Institute and the Education Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 21-24 June, 2009.


A study of language choice and language shift among the Hakka-speaking population in Hong Kong, with a primary focus on Sha Tau Kok. Outstanding PhD Thesis Award, Awardee Report, presented at the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong Annual Research Forum 2008, The University of Hong Kong, 6 December, 2008.