The Department of 世界杯投注 Language and Literature invites you to explore the exciting learning opportunities offered by our undergraduate degree: the Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 世界杯投注, which allows you to specialise in one or more of four aspects of 世界杯投注 Studies – Literature, Linguistics, Translation and Cultural Studies. The Department also offers MPhil and PhD programmes which provide opportunities to conduct research in areas ranging from Shakespearean Studies to Environmental Ethics & CultureSecond Language AcquisitionDiscourse AnalysisTranslation Criticism and Gender Studies, among many others.

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Virtual Student Seminar with HKBU CIE and KIMEP, Kazakhstan

Date: 15th April, 2022

Time: 12-4pm

Venue: Zoom

Theme: Gender and Representation

The seminar is aiming at providing an international platform for students to discuss and exchange ideas beyond the classrooms, giving them an opportunity to gain experience of public speaking and offering them a chance to share their knowledge with a broader audience from different cultures.


Theme-based 世界杯投注 Conversation Section- Easter

Join our Student Consultants via Zoom to listen to Easter and to practise your 世界杯投注 speaking skills!


Language Centre Workshop – Agendas and Minutes Writing

Do you want to know about the skills of agendas and minutes writing?
Join our workshop and learn more about them!